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Read it on the go!

Adapt Now is also available as an eBook and on audio from Tonic Press.

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“Full schedule? No excuses. Set aside time to invest in yourself with Adapt Now’s no-nonsense advice.”
-Carol Fredrickson, Co-founder of Violence Free & International Speaker

“Adapt Now’s ‘77 Rules’ should be included as a prerequisite for any leadership development program.”
-Mark Hand, Engineering Leader

“Adapt Now reminded me that inspiration can be contagious when it is introduced correctly.”
-Shannon Fleming, Commercial Programs Leader

“To better cope with change in the workplace read Adapt Now.”
-Melissa Heye, Author & Health Care Leader

“Adapt Now is an easy to understand book that is packed full of wisdom. If business leaders would simply read and apply these practical principals they would achieve the great success they desire.”
-Joseph Sherren, International Business Strategist & Hall of Fame Speaker

“Chock full of ideas and insights for the leader that is serious about taking their businesses to new heights.”
-Kristin Arnold, Author, National Speakers Association’s Past President & Founder of the Extraordinary Team

“Adapt Now will help you thrive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.”
-Pamela Jett, Global Business Communications Expert, CSP, & Author

“This book is a must read for business leaders and entrepreneurs alike. It transcends the traditional business advice rhetoric and provides real world formulas that capture long-term success.”
-Todd Nelson, Vice President of CRUZ Tequila

About the Author

Kelly Isley is a Fortune 100 top performer who is a strategist, business leader and author with more than 20 years of experience in the aerospace, aviation, engineering, healthcare, and advertising industries. Collectively, she has helped her clients raise more than $725 million in capital, complete $550+ million in acquisitions, secure high-profile partnerships and capture 7-figure incentive programs.

During her career she has managed asset risk for program development, created reseller/ manufacturing partnerships, executed award-winning communications programs, built profitable strategic plans, and managed operations teams for Fortune 500 companies. Her demonstrated turnaround capabilities for critical programs have focused on customers throughout Europe, North America, and South America.