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Kelly Isley
Scottsdale Women’s Business Examiner


Leadership Redefined: What Are You Waiting For?
The world of business is changing fast, and so are the characteristics of those who are and will become memorable leaders. If you are wondering what those traits are and how you can adapt, Herminia Ibarra’s new book…

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On Set: New Star Wars Movie “The Force Awakens”
It is clear that “The Force Awakens” movie set has caught the attention of Vanity Fair’s editors, Annie Leibovitz, global retailers, and millions of devoted fans. Further intrigue is added by a closely guarded Star Wars…

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Heidi Klum Covers Success, Secrets, And Strategy
SUCCESS Magazine sets down with Heidi Klum this month to capture the Emmy-winning, business mogul’s advice and learn what’s next for her multi-million dollar brand. Klum also discusses how projects are selected, whose advice…

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Jack and Suzy Welch Create The Real Life MBA
Best-selling authors Jack and Suzy Welch return to the bookshelves with their second collaboration. In “The Real-Life MBA,” the one-time General Electric CEO and his wife, a former Harvard Business Review editor, explore what it…

Succession Planning: What Should You Be Doing Now?
Leadership departures stole headlines and became a recurring theme with the S&P 500 CEO’s in 2014. Will we see more moves in 2015, when earnings reports begin on April 15th? Has the past damage been worse…

Improve Your Meetings Today: Avoid The Great White Collar Crime

When Industry Week called meetings “the Great White Collar Crime”, estimating they waste 37 billion dollars a year, it captured the spot light and studies kicked off to see what was behind the damage in North America. Research…

Four Ways To Crush The Competition
How will tomorrow’s leaders win the battle against their competition? Aside from being adaptable, can the battles be won if businesses continue the focus on customers? Will the business world still favor speed in the future? For answers…

New Year’s Resolution: Healthier Outlook
Is your New Year’s Resolution to create a healthier working team in 2014? If so, you are in good company based on studies that show productive teams are capable of turning businesses around. The challenge: how do…

Seven Best Packing Tips
We all know savvy globetrotters who instinctively travel with less. Thankfully, a few of them are my friends, colleagues, and travel experts who have shared their secrets. Here are seven of the best packing strategies that work: 1. The…

Catch-22: You’ve Got Too Much Email
If the average office worker spends over 26% of their workday on email, can we streamline to recover the precious commodity of time? Or is it better to ignore a growing inbox? According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute report…

Global Etiquette: 7 Rules That Build Business In Mexico Today
Strategy and expansion are terms of endearment in business, once again. A positive shift, that has business leaders evaluating Mexico. Today’s Mexico: a growing country the World Bank is ranking 13th among largest economies in nominal…

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