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Kelly Isley, Author of Adapt Now
77 Rules For Rising To The Top Of Any Industry



Isley’s Book Offers Practical Management Tips For Readers

Adapt Now, 77 Rules for Rising to the Top of any Industry, was written by Kelly Isley, a Honeywell Global Strategy Leader in Phoenix. This is the first book written by Isley, which she equates to a “playbook for management growth at all levels.” Each chapter provides an individual, stand-alone message with an exercise at the end to help readers put the lessons learned into practice.

After working at Honeywell for more than 14 years, Isley decided take her years of knowledge about business rules and strategies and transform them into a book for other executives and managers to not only learn from but prepare for future challenges.

“I have been very fortunate to work with brilliant leaders throughout my career,” said Isley. “Writing this book was my way of being a curator of knowledge, capturing what I have learned for myself and sharing with others who are managing people in any industry, at any stage.” Read more of the Honeywell Aero News interview here

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Ahwatukee Resident Pens Book To Inspire Tomorrow’s Business Leaders October 2013/By Daniel Ochoa

After gaining all of the material needed to write “Adapt Now” it took Isley a little over a year to finish the book, which is broken down into three different sections consisting of leadership, teams and businesses.

She interviewed 15 different experts in various fields of work… Isley said the interviews are sprinkled throughout the book and it is compelling to hear from directly from the experts on what they have seen throughout their successful careers. See the entire interview here

Publishers Book Signing Brings Together Business Leaders
Sept 2013

Industry leaders joined Publishers for a memorable evening of bright conversation surrounding ‘Adapt Now’, the new leadership book by Kelly Isley. The recognized addition to Tonic Press’ family outlines: 77 Rules For Rising To The Top Of Any Industry, for both Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

During introductions, Elle Hanson, President of Tonic Press stated “We are pleased to be a part of this evening with Kelly and over a dozen attending contributors to the book. On an even brighter note, we are addressing Amazon’s current sold out status of ‘Adapt Now’ by making additional copies available throughout the evening and replenishing the retail site immediately. Before turning over the platform, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this successful book signing.”