Five Ways To Build Business With Current Clients

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The personal touch combined with excellent client service has built today’s most successful businesses and can do the same for your company. Here are 5 ways to develop a lasting relationship that will add value to your business on many levels as 2015 gets underway:

Spread the word. Let your clients know what you’re doing for them. This can be through an e-newsletter, select press releases, a traditional newsletter, or it could be more informal by picking up the phone and calling to touch base. Regardless of the method you use, remember to point out to clients the excellent service you are providing them.

Share information. Have you read anew book, spotted an article, or
heard about an association a client might be interested in? Send them a quick note or give them a call to let them know.

Recognize special occasions. Remember to send regular client birthday
cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards, etc. Thoughtful gifts can also be excellent
follow-up options. It is not necessary to spend a fortune to show you care;
use your creativity and if time is tight, test the waters with something as simple as an electronic greeting from Hallmark.

Follow up on client service issues.Voice mail, e-mail, and even Twitter make it easy to communicate, but the personal touch can be lost. If you’re having trouble getting through to a client whose issue requires that personal contact, leave a voice-mail message that you want to talk to the client directly or will stop by his or her office at a specific time.

Reconnect with old clients. Take out the pen and write your clients from the past a personal,  handwritten note. Carve out time when you find yourself on a flight, train ride, or waiting for a business meeting to begin and spend a few minutes reaching out. Another opportunity might include running into an old client at an event. This is a chance to follow up with a simple note: “It was wonderful seeing you at the holiday party. I’ll call you early in the New Year to schedule a lunch.”

In the end, staying connected with your clients is one of most strategic investments of time that can be made.


Identify how you or your leaders will connect with your business’ top 5 clients this week.  Make sure a connection is made with each of them in the next 10 days.

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